Al Ain Crematorium, UAE Bespoke furniture for non-Muslim crematorium in the United Arab Emirates

Al Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates and is home to many expatriates. Now, thanks to the Municipality of Al Ain, non-Muslims will be served by a newly built crematorium and cemetery approximately 15 kilometres from Al Ain.

Treske have supplied oak furniture, seating, an altar, lectern, reading desk, pulpit, memorial bookcase, a 2 metre high wall mounted cross, communion silverware, hymnbooks and even a clock, all for a crematorium chapel which will serve any denomination. Furniture for waiting areas for Hindi funerals, offices and meeting rooms plus desks, beds and night tables for watchmen and security personnel were also despatched as were 212 lightweight stacking chairs in beechwood stained to an oak finish.

This beautifully furnished facility has provided Treske with an exciting opportunity to show the quality of what they make and the efficiency of their operation. They hope it will result in invitations to tender for further projects in the Middle East.

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